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Weather report and forecast
The actual forecast for the region near Meran and Parcines
Current weather conditions today:

The frontal system will move away towards the East and the pressure will rise.

     Weather conditions tomorrow:

A weak front will reach the Alps from the West.

The weather today:

In the afternoon sunny weather with some clouds.

The weather tomorrow:

Clouds will prevail with light precipitations in the northern parts of the region. Snow line around 1000 m. In the afternoon more sunny spells from the West.


Temp min:  3 C
Temp max: 14 C

Temp min:  3 C
Temp max: 12 C
Mountain weather today:

Partly sunny conditions, locally clouds will reduce the visibility.

Mountain weather tomorrow:

The visibility on the mountains will often be reduced because of clouds and snowfall. Wind will increase during the day.

Temperature in 2.000 m a.s.l.: -3 C
Temperature in 3.000 m a.s.l.: -11 C
0C Limit: 1.600 m a.s.l.
Temperature in 2.000 m a.s.l.: -3 C
Temperature in 3.000 m a.s.l.: -7 C
0C Limit: 1.300 m a.s.l.



Forecast next 4 days:

Sunday 01.03.2015Monday 02.03.2015Tuesday 03.03.2015Wednesday 04.03.2015
Temp min: 3 CTemp min: 3 CTemp min: 2 CTemp min: 0 C
Temp max: 12 CTemp max: 11 CTemp max: 11 CTemp max: 12 C
Hydrographisches Amt
Autonome Provinz Bozen-Sdtirol


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