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Weather report and forecast
The actual forecast for the region near Meran and Parcines
Current weather conditions today:

Westerly winds will temporary advect some drier air.

     Weather conditions tomorrow:

The weather conditions will not change, southwesterly winds will bring humid air to the Alps.

The weather today:

In the afternoon it will be partly sunny with some cumulus clouds. In the evening isolated showers are expected, with a higher probability in the Wipptal and Pustertal.

The weather tomorrow:

Changeable conditions with clouds and some sunny spells. Thundery showers can form especially in the afternoon and evening.


Temp min:  12 C
Temp max: 26 C

Temp min:  14 C
Temp max: 24 C
Mountain weather today:

Clouds will locally reduce the visibility, otherwise the conditions are good. In the afternoon only isolated showers and thunderstorm can form.

Mountain weather tomorrow:

Changeable conditions on the mountains. Clouds may cause low visibility, in the afternoon showers and thunderstorms are expected.

Temperature in 2.000 m a.s.l.: 10 C
Temperature in 3.000 m a.s.l.: 2 C
0C Limit: 3.200 m a.s.l.
Temperature in 2.000 m a.s.l.: 9 C
Temperature in 3.000 m a.s.l.: 2 C
0C Limit: 3.400 m a.s.l.



Forecast next 4 days:

Friday 22.08.2014Saturday 23.08.2014Sunday 24.08.2014Monday 25.08.2014
Temp min: 14 CTemp min: 9 CTemp min: 8 CTemp min: 7 C
Temp max: 24 CTemp max: 26 CTemp max: 26 CTemp max: 25 C
Hydrographisches Amt
Autonome Provinz Bozen-Sdtirol


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