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Weather report and forecast
The actual forecast for the region near Meran and Parcines
Current weather conditions today:

Humid air still reaches the southern side of the Alps.

     Weather conditions tomorrow:

The Alpine region is under the influence of a moist south-west current. In the evening a weak disturbance passes.

The weather today:

Mostly cloudy weather with at most short sunny spells.

The weather tomorrow:

In most parts it is very cloudy from the morning on. During the day the precipitation probability raises. In the night the precipitations subsides.


Temp min:  9 C
Temp max: 14 C

Temp min:  11 C
Temp max: 14 C
Mountain weather today:

Clouds will often reduce the visibility. Mild temperatures, the freezing level will rise to 3500 m. Very strong winds from southwest on the higher mountains.

Mountain weather tomorrow:

The view in the mountains is limited because of clouds. In the morning singular, slight precipitations are possible. During the afternoon the rain and the snow showers spread over the whole territory. Snowline between 2900 and 3200 m.

Temperature in 2.000 m a.s.l.: 6 C
Temperature in 3.000 m a.s.l.: 3 C
0C Limit: 3.500 m a.s.l.
Temperature in 2.000 m a.s.l.: 7 C
Temperature in 3.000 m a.s.l.: 3 C
0C Limit: 3.600 m a.s.l.



Forecast next 4 days:

Tuesday 25.10.2016Wednesday 26.10.2016Thursday 27.10.2016Friday 28.10.2016
Temp min: 11 CTemp min: 8 CTemp min: 5 CTemp min: 4 C
Temp max: 14 CTemp max: 18 CTemp max: 18 CTemp max: 18 C
Hydrographisches Amt
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